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Environmental Consulting, Bioassay Laboratory, and Aerobiology Laboratory Services


Grassland Bypass Project

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 RMP/PSM for the 2002 Winter Olympics
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Indoor Air Quality Evaluations

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Environmental Alliance

BES Bioassay Laboratory Division conducts the biomonitoring program for central California's Grassland Bypass Project under the authority of the US Bureau of Reclamation. The project is designed to reduce selenium loading to wetlands and direct irrigation water into the San Luis Drain. [More Info] BES completed the Process Safety Management (PSM) and Risk Management Plans (RMP) for the bobsled/luge course in Park City, Utah. The system is cooled by one of the largest ammonia refrigeration systems in the world. [More Info] BES consulting services perform complete air quality evaluations. Indoor air quality is becoming a concern based on potential exposure to microorganism and chemicals in the indoor air. Indoor air quality investigations generally begin with occupant complaints which can result in Worker Comp filings. [More Info]

New California Mold Laws

BES website hosts the Environmental Alliance, an organization working to educate the public, government, and industry on environmental issues.. [More Info]


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Block Environmental Services has a 6,000 square foot laboratory and maintains a variety stock aquatic species in-house, including algae, daphnids, fathead minnow, threespine stickleback, and rainbow trout. We perform an array of aquatic bioassay tests for such diverse purposes as compliance with NPDES permits, hazardous waste classification, and ecological risk assessment. 



  Block Environmental Services (BES) is a full service environmental consulting firm specializing in risk assessment and toxicology, hazardous waste compliance, and indoor air/sick building studies. BES owns and operates a California EPA-certified aquatic bioassay laboratory located at 2451 Estand Way, Pleasant Hill, California, 94523. BES can be contacted TOLL-FREE at 1-800-682-7255, by fax at (925) 686-0399, or you may request information electronically.

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