Our Mission

    To motivate and educate people of all ages to increase their environmental knowledge and enable them to make informed, thoughtful decisions and take appropriate action.


    The Environmental Alliance (EA) is rooted in a presentation made in 1990 by former National Park Service Chief William Penn Mott Jr. to a group of teachers and school administrators, who expressed a need for assistance with their environmental education programs. In response, Mr. Mott helped form the EA, with representatives from business and industry, educators, government agencies, and administrators from local, state and national parks.  After its organizing meetings the EA's first action was to sponsor a planning session with school administrators, which led to EA's "Environmental Action" conference for more than 300 high school teachers, administrators and students in Concord, California in October 1991.  The Conference included featured speakers, teacher-student planning sessions, exhibits, and expert consultant assistance.

    Other past EA projects include promoting composting; developing and presenting a UC Berkeley Extension course for high school teachers, Environment Across the Curriculum; developing a model creek study program, which includes developing a Creekside Studies Guide that contains model lessons for students at all levels as well as lists of local flora and fauna; and an Environmental Negotiation Workshop for high school students. The EA also sponsors a monthly noon seminar on environmental topics, to which the public is invited.

Future Projects

    New projects will be considered, but depend on the input and involvement of current and future members of the EA. We are therefore looking for expanded membership from industry, schools, parks, and government. Inspired by William Penn Mott, Jr., the efforts of the EA should enhance local understanding of environmental issues and ultimately have a positive impact on the people of our county.


    The EA meets on the third Monday of most months following each lunchtime seminar at the John Muir National Historic Site, 4202 Alhambra Avenue, Martinez.

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