Environmental Issues Discussion Series

    Each month EA facilitates a lecture and discussion on environmental
issues of local as well as national importance.  Speakers from industry,
government agencies, advocacy groups, and national policy advisory
commitees have given lunchtime talks on a variety of issues, from the
disposal of nuclear waste to the ecological health and wealth of the
San Francisco Bay.

    Each lecture and discussion is held at noon on the third Monday of the
month at the John Muir National Historic Site, 4202 Alhambra Avenue,

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CALFED: A Survival Program for the San Francisco Bay and Estuary

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A List of Previous Discussion Series Speakers and Topics

CALFED: A Survival Program for the San Francisco
Bay and Estuary

Ms. Mary Selkirk
Assistant to the Director, CALFED

Monday, February 28, 2000, 12:00-1:00 p.m.
John Muir National Historic Site
4202 Alhambra Avenue, Martinez.

    CALFED is an organization of six California and thirteen federal agencies
working to save the integrity of fragile San Francisco and Delta waterways.
The federal budget includes $60 million for water management actions and
restoration projects. CALFED agencies are working closely with stakeholders
to develop a decision making structure. Mary Selkirk will discuss how
stakeholder imput affects the CALFED decision process. She will also
discuss the status of planning and some of the proposed projects under

Ms. Selkirk, formerly a Board Member of the East Bay Municipal Utility District,
is active in environmental issues. She is a member of the Friends of the San
Francisco Estuary Projects, an organization that studies the state of the estuary.

Discussion Series Speakers and Topics





3/18/96 Randy Raines, P.E. Senior Vice President
Montgomery Watson Engineers
Water Recycling in the Bay Area - And Beyond
4/15/96 Kevin Graves Bay Area Regional Water Quality Control Board Environmental Impacts of the Corner Gas Station
5/20/96 Larry Soenen District Director, Natural Resources Conservation Service Alhambra Creek Watershed: People in the Environment
6/17/96 J. Ted Holcombe, P.E.
Tomi Van De Brooke
Sr. Environmental Engineer, PG&E
Community Relations Mgr, Shell Oil
Clean Air Vehicles
7/15/96 Joan Patton Communications Program Director
S.F. Bay Estuary Institute
Bay Estuary Conference
8/19/96 Ali Harivandi, Ph.D. University of California Extension Mulch Agriculture
9/16/96 Brian Hunter Director, Region 3
CA Department of Fish and Game
The Department of Fish and Game and You
10/21/96 Ron Crites, P.E. Director, Water Resources
Nolte and Associates, Inc.
Natural Systems for Wastewater Treatment
11/18/96 Timothy Rust Environmental Engineering Planner
Camp Dresser & McKee, Inc.
Integrated Resouce Management
1/13/97 John Bouey, P.E. President Environmental Resources Consultants Designer Fertilizer From Waste Organics
2/10/97 Don Freitas Manager, Contra Costa County Clean Water Program When It Rains, It Pollutes
3/17/97 David Contreras Manager, Mt. View Sanitary District Pollution Prevention Through Public Education
4/21/97 Steve Cochrane Educational Director, Friends of the Estuary Wetlands Education Activities
5/19/97 Bart Brandenburg Source Control Program, CCCSD Pollution Prevention Control
6/16/97 Hussein Katzemi SF Regional Water Qual. Control Bd. Silting Problems from Development Activities
7/21/97 Randy Raines Sr. VP, Montgomery Watson Regional Water Recycling Master Plan
8/18/97 Dr. Ronald Block President, Block Environmental Svcs Risk Management Plans
9/15/97 Aimee Vincent Sustainability Coordinator, Golden Gate National Recreation Area Sustainability at the Golden Gate National Recreation Area
10/20/97 Denis Cuff (no show) Water and Environment Reporter, Contra Costa Times What Makes and Environmental Story?
11/17/97 Dr. Michael Kavanaugh Malcolm Pirnie, Inc. Fuel Oxygenates in Water
1/26/98 Dr. Jay Davis San Francisco Estuary Institute Toxic Contaminant in Birds
2/23/98 Dr. Jan Hamlin Center for Resource Solutions The Green-E Renewable Branding Project
3/16/98 Dr. Bruce Thompson San Francisco Estuary Institute Trends in Pesticides and Their Effects in SF Bay
4/20/98 Dr. David L. Jameson California Academy of Science Molecular Systematics - a New Approach to Environmental Science
5/18/98 Denis Cuff Env./Water Reporter, CC Times What Makes and Environmental Story
6/15/98 Donald Freitas Manager, CCC Clean Water Program Watershed Management - Walking the Walk, Talking the Talk
7/20/98 Dan McConnell Legislative Asst., CALFED CALFED
8/17/98 Ms. Luna Salaver Public Information and Education Officer, Bay Area AQMD Spare the Air Program
9/21/98 Michael Kavanaugh, Ph.D. Malcolm Pirnie, Inc. Radioactive Waste Management: Challenges For the Future
10/19/98 Bart Brandenburg Source Control Program, CCCSD Pesticides and Water Quality Impairment
11/16/98 Dr. Ronald Block President
Block Environmental Services
The San Luis Drain Monitoring Program
01/25/99 Mr. John Keibel Documentary Photographer Environmental Treasureat the Concord NWC
02/22/99 Mr. Chris Mills California Div. Of Mines & Geology Geology & Geologic Hazards of the Martinez Area
03/15/99 Dr. Rainer Hoenicke San Francisco Estuary Institute Science and Its Contribution to Env. Management
04/19/99 Mr. James Levine President
Levine*Fricke Restoration
The Montezuma Wetlands Project
05/17/99 Mr. Randy Sawyer Contra Costa County Health Services California Accidental Release Prevention Program
06/21/99 Mr. John Steere San Francisco Bay Joint Venture Partnering to Restore Our Bay’s Wetlands
07/19/99 Mr. Chuck Batts Manager, Central CCSD Wastewater Discharge Permits: Old Tool, New Challenges
8/16/99 Odin Ansari, CIH
Senior Air Quality Consultant
Clayton Environmental Consultants
The Moldy Indoor Environment:  Its Hazards, Evaluation and Remediation
9/20/99 Steve McDonald
Carollo Engineers
Economic Drivers and Pollutant Trading for Water Quality Improvement
10/18/99 Elaine Jacobs
Household Hazardous Waste Supervisor
Central Contra Costa Sanitary District
Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program
11/15/99 Richard Procunier Remedial Project Manager
US Environmental Protection Agency
Cleaning Up With Superfund:
Two Case Studies
12/20/99 Dr. Gail Chesler Associate Engineer, Central Conta Costa Sanitary District The Science and Regulation of Mercury Pollution
1/24/00 Jeffrey Kane Chair, Wilderness Committee
Sierra Club San Francisco Bay Chapter
Wilderness: Critical Debates Raging for the Future